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What is a Habitat home?

A Habitat home is a simple and decent dwelling, typically three to five bedrooms, built in partnership with the future homeowner, local community volunteers, and Habitat for Humanity. Featuring brick fronts and one-car garages, these homes are sold on a 30-year, ZERO-interest mortgage with affordable monthly payments. The journey from family approval to moving in takes approximately 18 months, during which families actively contribute through “sweat equity” hours. Habitat homes represent strength, stability, and the collaborative effort of building a better future for families in need.

Criteria for Habitat Homes


A Need for Adequate Shelter:

To be eligible for a Habitat home, you must demonstrate a genuine need for adequate housing. This is assessed through a visit to your current residence by Habitat Family Services Committee members, who will determine if there is a clear need for improved living conditions.

Ability to Pay Back the Mortgage:

To ensure the sustainability of homeownership, you must demonstrate the ability to pay for the home you will purchase from Habitat. This includes:

Consistent, Verifiable Income:

  • Provide evidence of a consistent, verifiable income. This can include wages from employment, SSI, Social Security, child support, public assistance, or alimony.

Stable Payment History:

  • Demonstrate a stable payment history, indicating responsibility in meeting financial obligations. This includes making mortgage payments and managing existing debts.

Maintain Standard of Living:

  • Show the ability to pay existing debts, a mortgage, and maintain a reasonable standard of living while participating in the Habitat homeownership program.

Willingness to Partner:

Applicants are required to demonstrate a genuine willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity. This involves active participation in various aspects of the program:

Sweat Equity Hours:

  • Agree to complete 300 “sweat equity” hours, equivalent to 20-25 hours per month. This commitment includes contributing to the Habitat ReStore, participating in construction activities, and collaborating with other non-profit organizations.

Participation in Education:

  • Attend homeowner classes and various workshops provided by Habitat to enhance your knowledge and skills related to homeownership.

Financial Commitment:

  • Be prepared to contribute to the homeownership process by paying closing costs before the finalization of the home purchase.


How to Apply

Application Process Overview:

  • Demonstrate a Need for Adequate Shelter through a home assessment.
  • Prove an Ability to Pay Back the Mortgage through a stable income, payment history, and financial responsibility.
  • Show a Willingness to Partner by committing to sweat equity hours, education classes, and financial contributions.

Important Note:

Habitat for Humanity is committed to providing homeownership opportunities to families in need who can actively contribute to the program’s success. Meeting these criteria is essential to ensuring the success of the partnership.

For any questions or further information, please contact our Habitat office. We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of the Habitat for Humanity community.

Habitat for Humanity Program Application Process


When the application period for the Habitat for Humanity program opens, it consists of two distinct phases. Each phase is designed to ensure that applicant families meet specific criteria and are committed to the partnership.

Phase I: Application and Information

Community Information:

  • Habitat conducts information sessions for prospective applicant individuals and families in the community.
  • During these sessions, specific program requirements are discussed, and prospective applicants receive detailed information about the application process.

Application Submission:

  • Prospective families complete the program application during Phase I.
  • Basic information and required documents are collected, including proof of income (e.g., food stamps, SSI, child support, alimony), identity verification (Social Security Card, License, Non-Driver ID), and application fees.

Application Review:

  • Habitat completes a thorough review of the application and information from consumer and investigative reports.
  • The goal is to verify if the applicant family meets the criteria to proceed to Phase II of the program.

Phase II: Financial Assessment and Family Service Committee Review

Financial Assessment:

  • Phase II focuses on a detailed financial review of the applicant family’s ability to repay the mortgage.
  • If approved, the family progresses to the next steps in the program.

Habitat Family Service Committee Meeting:

  • Applicant families meet with the Habitat Family Service Committee in their current home.
  • The committee assesses the need for adequate shelter, ensuring alignment with the Habitat program.

Board Approval:

  • Recommendations from the Habitat Family Service Committee are presented to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Upon approval, the applicant family is officially welcomed into the Habitat program.

Partnership Criteria:

  • Sweat Equity Hours:
    • The partner family is required to complete a total of 300 “Sweat Equity Hours,” equivalent to 20-25 hours per month.
    • These hours include supporting Habitat programs at the ReStore, participating in mandatory education classes, and contributing to the construction of their home or other partner families’ homes.
  • Financial Contribution:
    • Families pay $100 per month towards closing costs on the home.
  • Communication:
    • Maintain regular monthly communication with the Family Services Staff.

Program Duration:

  • Applicant families can expect to participate in the program for approximately 18–24 months.

Application Status:

  • The application portal is currently full for Madison and Limestone County.
  • Check back on this website or visit the Facebook page for upcoming announcements.

Important Note:

  • Habitat cannot determine eligibility without attending a meeting and submitting an application. The in-person meeting is a crucial step in the assessment process.

We appreciate your interest in the Habitat for Humanity program, and we look forward to potentially welcoming you into our community. For any further updates, please check back here or visit our Facebook page.


Currently the application portal is full for Madison and Limestone Counties.  Check back here or visit our Facebook page for upcoming announcements.

Habitat is not able to tell you whether or not you will qualify for the program without attending a meeting and submitting an application.


Potential clients must apply, qualify and be approved.

We partner with the client for their success through education and family services.

Clients participate in the building of their home with voluneers and paid staff.

Homes are celebrated with a dedication and moving in is only the beginning.

Clients who own their own homes turn around and pay it forward to their community.