about our name change

35 years ago, seven local volunteers came together to start this affiliate in March 1987.  While they may not have had the internet or social media to help grow Habitat’s mission, but they did have something more powerful. They had vision. Greater still, their vision was motivated by their genuine care for their community. Vision powered by commitment became an answered prayer for many families. Our mission is the same as it was then—that everyone in our community would have a decent and affordable place to live. As we celebrate our 35th birthday, we have an exciting announcement that propels us closer to that vision.

We are thrilled to announce that this affiliate is expanding. In addition to Madison County, we will now also serve Limestone County! To reflect this exciting new reality, our affiliate will now be known as Habitat for Humanity of the River Valley!  Since 1987, we have served 300 families in the Madison County community.  These 300 families’ lives have been changed by the opportunity to own an affordable, safe, and decent home and we have walked alongside each one. Not only are we are committed to eliminating substandard housing in our local community but also in the global community. We partner with Habitat International’s Tithe Program, where local affiliates send a tithe for construction of Habitat homes in other countries.  Through this program, we have served an additional 100 families worldwide.

When families thrive in their community, that community reflects that same growth and strength.

The expansion of our affiliate into Limestone County is a conduit for more partnerships, equaling more impact. We welcome your continued support and partnership as we embark on this new, exciting season in the life of this affiliate. While we are expanding and changing our name, the heart of our mission remains the same: people coming together to build homes, communities, and hope. Because of your care, concern, and support more families will be transformed by the opportunity to build strength, stability, and self-reliance in their own lives for years.

Thank you for a wonderful 35 years!  The best is yet to come.

With gratitude, 

Myra Sanderson
Executive Director