Don Adams is the Construction Manager here at Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. He has been the construction manager here now for over 16 years. Don has seen many of our firsts and feels blessed to see how much we have grown 32 years later. Don, a minister and former assistant pastor, is no stranger to serving others and is clear that it was God intervention that brought him from his own thriving construction company to serve here at our Habitat affiliate.

When Don was asked why he serves he responded, “I serve because I am a servant.”When God created us, we were created in His image to worship Him. There is no greater honor than to serve others and to love our brothers and sisters as the Father loves us.

“We also serve because we love the Lord.” God is LOVE! John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world (that’s us) that He gave His ONLY begotten Son…” Jesus was/is the perfect example as to how we should serve others and show that part of us that is most like Him!

“One of the other reasons we serve is because we actually like to help others and we love to work with our brothers and sisters in Christ.” Once we enter into a relationship with our Father, our lives change completely for the better. Honestly, there is no way that we can live a successful life without helping others. We as human beings are to be God’s hands and feet, providing food, clothing and shelter when we find that others are in need. It fills our hearts to be able to not only guide our partner families through this home buying process, but give people a hand up to help themselves.

If you want to join us here at Habitat for Humanity of Madison County to serve in our community, we welcome you here with open arms. Let us come together as brothers and sisters in Christ and not only put a smile on the faces of those we serve, but let us place a smile on the heart of the Father we all serve.