We are THANKFUL for each of YOU!

Gracious Father,

With each new day, Your mercies meet us, and for this we are THANKFUL. In spite of the negativity in the world, Your love abounds and for this we are THANKFUL. COVID-19 has not encountered us around the world without a fight! For this we are THANKFUL! Your wisdom and power reigns no matter what it looks like, and for this we are THANKFUL. Essential workers all over the world are still fighting to provide the world with all that is needed during this time. Your love and kindness is keeping them safe and touching the hearts of those around them to support and keep them going strong… and for this we are very THANKFUL.

You made man (woman) in Your image and gave us all Your DNA. We are all the same and Your blood not only flows through us, but covers each of us, and for this, we are grateful and THANKFUL. Your Son died for us all and here we are today, with an opportunity to bring Heaven to earth and for this opportunity we are humbly THANKFUL.  THANK YOU, for reminding us of what it means to be thankful for one another, but mostly for the awareness to be most THANKFUL for YOU!

Many Blessings,