Good Day Habitat Family and Friends,


We have been so pre-occupied with the pandemic that we’ve not spoken very much about the fact that it’s SUMMER! What do you typically do during this season? Have you figured out, in spite of the pandemic, how to still keep those activities going? If not, what are you doing instead? What ideas can you share that others can use to enjoy their Summer in quarantine? In order to make it through a time like this, we must be optimistic and creative! Not only will this keep us moving forward, but it will cause the “warm fuzzies” to take over, and spread good vibes all over our community and eventually the world! Healing for our nation begins with each of us mustering up POSITIVITY! Yes, in the midst of loss and grief, perhaps even fear, it can be hard, but we can do it! Let’s do it TOGETHER!


May each of us become keenly aware of our mindsets. May we be motivated to find the positive in every situation, and help us pray about the things in which we have no control. Grant us the strength to move patiently in hope, faith and love, and teach us to be even more considerate of how others around us feel and experience things differently from us. We are all the same and we accept that we need each other to survive. We thank You Lord for your unconditional love and Your protective covering during this time. Amen!

Many Blessings…

What are you thankful for today? What Summer activity ideas can you share below?