We are THANKFUL for each of YOU!

Heavenly Father,

Our world needs Your presence now more than ever. Help us to be more thoughtful and caring toward one another. Help us to see when we are being selfish and stubborn… unfair and unrelenting. Allow us to see one another through Your eyes. Grant each of us a fleshy heart, instead of a hardened heart that can’t truly understand love; understand YOU. We know our prayers are not going unheard, so we thank You and are willing to wait for Your next move.

In the meantime, we will stand together, we will continue to work hard, and we will continue learning how to love one another, even in the midst of this pandemic.  We ask that you help us to use wisdom as we move forward in social distancing. We need YOUR wisdom or this pandemic will never end. We are grateful for your love and kindness toward us, and we will work to obtain the innocence of our children… and we will do our best to make You proud of us.

We humbly reverence You… Amen!