Greetings Habitat Family and Friends,


 It’s Thursday again and we’ve made it another week. We here at Habitat for Humanity of Madison County want to encourage you to continue to take the COVID-19 precautions that we visited when all of this first began.

  • Keep washing your hands,
  • keep sanitizing,
  • keep your gatherings small (10 people or less)
  • keep staying 6ft apart and please
  • keep wearing your masks in public places.

As we take on our new normal, it’s important that we don’t get careless. We’re doing such a good job working together. So allow us to send out a BIG THANK YOU today to Madison County for working so hard to keep everyone safe. Encourage all you meet to continue to keep up the good work.


Thank you Lord, for giving us the opportunity to work together and change the world! As we do so, we pray that we learn more about one another, how to love each other better, and how to give more to one another! We truly hope to make you proud of us. We are all truly thankful for YOU and Your unlimited love and kindness towards us. Amen!

Blessings be upon you and yours…

What are you thankful for today?