Hello Habitat Family and Friends,
WELCOME to “Thankful Thursday!”
We are Thankful today for each of YOU!
Have you ever been driving down the road and another driver cut you off? Most human’s tendency would be to get a little upset by this kind of encounter. However, we never know what that person may be experiencing or going through at the time. This pandemic should cause each of us to think a little more about each other. We are all vulnerable at this time, but by working together we become stronger. As we continue to press forward through this season, let us not forget that we are all in this together. Write this note down and place it where you can see it: IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH!
With each new day may you be blessed more than the previous. May you and your families remain safe, healthy and aware of the movement that is taking place during this time. May we all realize if we haven’t before, the JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH, and may we never take our lives and the lives of others for granted.
Blessings be upon you and yours…
What are you thankful for today?