Good Day Habitat Family and Friends,


Take a minute… take a deep breath and let your mind rest on the fact that you were able to… “Take a minute, take a deep breath and you were able to cause your mind to rest.” Peace is imperative in everyone’s life. However, peace in the midst of sickness, financial lack, joblessness and grief… is priceless. FOCUS… Focus on the place where you receive the most strength. SETTLE… Settle into that place and allow yourself to be overtaken by that strength. STAND… Stand up in that place and take a step forward in that strength. Now, share it with your brother or sister. We’re in a time where social distancing pushes us 6ft apart, but we can still encourage and lift one another. A time is approaching where we will be able to be closer to one another. Don’t wait till that time to build into this PEACE and cause someone else to do so as well. #STILLinittogether


May the peace that passes all understanding continue to rest upon us all. Let us pray together for all health professionals on the front lines to receive a double portion of FOCUS, STRENGTH and GRACE. Let us be thankful together, to a loving God who has and continues to keep us… in our triumphant stands and our painful falls. Let us embrace the path set before us, knowing that each path has already been ordered by the One who knows what’s best for every one of us and leads us to victory!

Eternal Blessings…

What are you thankful for today?