Greetings Habitat Family and Friends,


Thursday… What is so special about Thursday that many celebrate it as what is affectionately known as “Thankful Thursday?” After taking a closer look, here are some of the pretty special things about Thursday.

  • On Thursday, you are more than half way done with the week
  • On Thursday the 20th of June 1782, the fledgling United States of America decided to do some branding and selected the Bald Eagle as their official emblem.
  • Thursdays mean you are only one day away from the weekend.
  • Also, why not give yourself another day to be excited for?

Ultimately, Thursday is not unlike any other day of the week. Each day, especially as we are pressing our way through this pandemic, it’s important to remember today is another day given to us that was not promised. Some of us have been personally touched by the virus, whether it’s been the loss of a loved one, losing a job, or uncertainty and anxiety regarding what the next day will bring. TODAY… this THURSDAY, let’s really take time to be THANKFUL… not because Thursday and Thankful both start with a T, but because we are alive, pressing through this season and we are doing it together. We will make it through this, and we do that by being thankful every day.


Thank you Lord, for each day! We truly appreciate them all, including Thursday, and we want You to know! We will continue to support and love one another and work together through this process. We have learned that this is a “we” situation and not a “me” situation and we are determined to have an attitude of THANKFULNESS, not just on Thursday, but with each new day! Amen

Blessings be upon you and yours…

What are you thankful for today?